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Hello Everybody

Hello, Bike Friendly Richardson

Today is the OFFICIAL launch of Bike Friendly Richardson. With an already successful ‘soft’ launch, we already have almost 90 members on Facebook, not to mention a pretty great turnout for our inaugural ride on Black Friday. We’re already thinking about our next ride, with many more events to come.

In case you haven’t been following the blog until now, we have modeled ourselves after Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, a great bicycle advocacy group that started in Dallas. Feeling a need for non-sport representation in the north Dallas neighborhoods, we decided to continue their efforts in Richardson – with hopes that the momentum of bicycle awareness continues throughout the Metroplex. Although modeled after BFOC, we hope to grow into our own community and become a platform for safe and fun riding with a local perspective.

Please visit our site often to keep track of any progress made in our town. You can also join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the site by RSS or email (see right). We hope to become a valuable resource for anybody wanting to ride their bicycles around Richardson.

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6 Responses

  1. JaegerWulf says:

    Here here! Look forward to following your posts and rides.

  2. mannytmoto says:

    Congrats, guys! Considering so many of us at BFOC grew up in Richardson, it’s great to see y’all continue the effort there. A group ride I’d love to see is one around the cultural districts in Richardson. Greenville Avenue, between Main/Beltline and Arapaho with it’s incredible Asian restaurants/shops (our favorite place to get pho is at Pho Huy), and the Little India District on the other side of I-75. My wife went there last year to buy a sari for my daughter and had so much fun digging through all the shops and talking with the owners.

    • dickdavid says:

      That sound’s like an awesome idea. I’m embarrassed to say, in the seven years that we’ve lived here, we haven’t explored much of the local cuisine.

  3. bibliosk8 says:

    Those are really cool areas. I have bought candy at Royal Sweets and Fast Food. Good candy. Very different.

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  5. […] we started Bike Friendly Richardson, in December 2009, our original goal was to follow in the footsteps of […]

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