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Melted Ice

Melted Ice, originally uploaded by dickdavid.

I was joking at the office about my 100+ degree commute home. As I was filling this ice, I claimed that it would be melted within a couple of miles. Turns out it wasn’t such a joke.Quite honestly, I don’t mind the heat. Once you’re in it, it isn’t so bad. I figure, this is Texas – I can either hide from the heat or embrace it. Anybody else ride in the heat?

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  1. Chris says:

    That would be a NO from me..When it’s hot like this I pretty much only ride at night after the sun has gone to bed.

  2. Ian says:

    Yes, and an insulated bottle helps, a lot. I used to go from ice to hot water in 20 minutes, now I still have ice water an hour into the ride. Camelback insulated bottle, $10 at Richardson Bike Mart. Even after I run out of water I still have ice to chew.

  3. Jenny R says:

    I took the longer route home yesterday, got off at a different train stop than my usual because the train was so crowded. When I was waiting for a traffic light to change, I could definitely feel the heat getting to me. You can really feel the heat put out by cars too when you’re stopped next to them for a while.

  4. howardmaher says:

    Yep, I fill a water bottle with ice before I leave the office and it’s always melted by the time I’m even getting close to home… Of course, I have 15 miles each way to work… I also wear a Solumbra sun outfit in the late afternoon to give me SPF 30 protection and that adds to the heat a tad, but beats smearing so much Neutrogena sunblock all over… BTW, I got in 36 round trips to work in June/July, so put me down for 1080 commuter miles so far this summer… Would have had more but we took a bicycling trip up in PA for a week… had to get in some hill/mountain climbing somehow this summer. :-)

  5. Scott says:

    All the time … usually just staying wet is the trick for me (plus, a couple weeks of adaptation easy rides). The weeknight crits still have 50-100 racers each night, starting at 5:30

  6. Jay says:

    I’m with you Richard. My wife thinks I’m nuts but since I have the summer off I’ve been leave g the house at about 9:00 to go bike on the trails around here.

  7. Justin says:

    I do indeed – it’s hot the first time, but once you embrace it, it’s all ok. In the spring my commute takes me 1 bottle. In the summer, 2 full bottles, and both are completely empty when I get home, and have been hot for the last couple of miles.

  8. […] Melted Ice by dickdavid    Bike Friendly Richardson I was joking at the office about my 100+ degree commute home. As I was filling this ice, I claimed that it would be melted within a couple of miles. Turns out it wasn’t such a joke.Quite honestly, I don’t mind the… […]

  9. Bob Loftin says:

    I worry a lot more about sun damage to my skin than I used to, so I have not been riding during the day. Evenings are a go, however. Don’t mind the heat, but would prefer to avoid skin damage.

    • Jenny R. says:

      Bob, have you seen that sunblock that comes in a spray? I like it a lot, it seems to give a more even application and you don’t have to get it all over your palms.

  10. Dennis TheBald says:

    When I get to the office I fill my bottle (an empty gatorade bottle) ‘n throw it into the freezer. It the winter I fill it half way and lay it flat, then add water before I leave for home. The past month or so I’ve been filling it full and freezing, without adding any additional liquid before I leave. I haven’t been having any trouble with it still being frozen when I’m wanting a drink at the first stop light.

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