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From The Suggestion Box – We Need More Bike Lids At Our DART Stations

DART Bike Boxes - Arapaho Station

One of the things we like to do at BFR, is listen to our community. We’ve had our Suggestion Box open for those who have ideas and suggestions on better ways to improve our community for cyclists.

BFR reader Sam, sent this in:

We need a whole lot more bike lids at our DART stations. I ride the train most days but there isn’t space on them for my bike and I don’t need it once I’m downtown. I’m sure there are others that would like to do the same thing but don’t want to risk the inevitable stolen/vandalized bike.

We’ve got four stations serving over 100,000 residents with a grand total of four bike lids. Ludicrous! Who do we bother at DART about this? If they won’t do it, will they let the city do it for them? We know who to bother there.

So how about it, folks? Do you have any ideas about who to talk to? How can we get this addressed? Post your ideas and answers here or on Facebook.

DART Bike Boxes - Arapaho Station

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13 Responses

  1. wcasteel says:

    Want the Bike Lids fast? Get local businesses to donate them in exchange for having their advertising on the lids. I am not sure where DART stands on this, but many other cities have done this.

    DART contact: Chris Walters

  2. stuart says:

    The original funding for these came from a federal grant to replace the old lockers which did not meet homeland security requirements. So, I doubt there is any budget to buy more lids. I think the best possiblity is that existing lids could be redistributed from stations where they are underutilized. For example, Mockingbird and Parker Road each have 12. I have no idea if those all get used or not.

    I’ve found the online Customer Service form to be effective in getting them fixed when they break (which happens a lot). Might be a place to start.

    If you want to talk to someone in person, the two people I’ve talked with about them are Chris Walters and John Quinn. I don’t know if they still work on this project but the could maybe direct you.

    And remember to use at least two good locks on these if you care about your bike! Bikes have been stolen from them.

  3. wcasteel says:

    The contact at Bike Lids is Robin Duberow with the contact info Stuart posted above. He will be in Texas in a couple of weeks.

  4. I think that there are ridiculously few bike lids considering the amount of people who use bikes. Good idea – poor execution.

  5. Sam Watkins says:

    I got a response from Chris Walters. To paraphrase, they are planning on installing more lids, but funds and locations are yet to be determined. Funding new lids through advertising would have to be coordinated with the existing ad contracts for each station. He didn’t have a current cost, but is checking.

  6. jennyrilling says:

    Awesome, Sam. Please post any updates!

  7. Sam Watkins says:

    The cost for a lid is right at $2,000. Graphics are extra and can be anything form applied vinyl (i.e. sticker) to molded-on and full wraps. Rob Parks asked if there was any information about demand at each station. Maybe a quick poll here might help?

  8. jennyrilling says:

    Galatyn Park station has no lids, and according to the DART website, that station is supposed to have 2. Some of our BFR members have had their bikes vandalized at that station. Lids would really help!

  9. To add to Jenny’s comment, Galatyn currently has two of the old lockers, but they were never replaced with lids. I leave my bike locked to the rack five days a week and have lost equipment twice since October.

  10. Sam Watkins says:

    Galatyn is the station I’d use if I could securely park my bike there.

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