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Mayor & Council Survey – Mark Solomon

Mark Solomon is running unopposed for re-election to City Council Place 2. Thank you Mr. Solomon for taking the time to give your perspective on cycling issues in Richardson.

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Mayor & Council Survey – Kendal Hartley

Kendal Hartley is currently the Place 5 councilman and is running unopposed for the Place 4 seat (Laura Maczka’s seat). Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Mr. Hartley.

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Mayor & Council Survey – Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn is running unopposed for re-election to City Council Place 3. He is also a member of the Bike Friendly Richardson Facebook group and comments there from time to time. Mr. Dunn pointed out that although we did not ask about an east-west bicycle & pedestrian connection across 75 in the southern part of Richardson, he will continue to look for possible solutions.

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Mayor & Council Survey – Paul Voelker

The second response to our questionnaire is from Paul Voelker, Place 5 City Council candidate (running unopposed). This will be Mr. Voelker’s first council term, so it’s great to get an in-advance look at his views on cycling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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Mayor & Council Survey – Amir Omar

Bike Friendly Richardson sent a questionnaire to all of the Mayor and City Council candidates for the May municipal elections. We requested this information not to make an endorsement, but to gather knowledge of where the candidates stand on bicycling issues and provide this information as a service to our members. We will publish all responses here on the BFR blog.

The first response we have received to date comes from current Place 7 council member and mayoral candidate Amir Omar:


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Women’s Bike Brunch Ride – Sunday, March 24th

March is Women’s History Month and the beginning of spring, so let’s celebrate by taking a leisurely bike ride and eating some delicious brunch. This is a great opportunity to get to know other women who bike in the Richardson area!
Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 3.47.10 PM

Meet at the fountain at the Eastside shopping center (SE corner of Campbell & 75) at 11:00 and we’ll ride at 11:30. We’ll be back at Eastside around  noon to eat at Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen.

The ride is about 4.5 miles and will go through the Spring Creek Nature Area. This ride is casual paced, for all skill levels. Please do your ABC quick check before riding!
Bring a helmet, lock and brunch money.

RSVP via Facebook

Route Map

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Main St. & 75 Area Revitalization Study

The City of Richardson is currently working on a revitalization plan for the Main St. / US 75 area. There will be a community open house this coming Tuesday, July 10th, at 6:30 PM at the Civic Center Grand Hall. Bike Friendly Richardson has been asked to participate, so if you can join us on Tuesday, here are the details:

The open house opens at 6:30 PM, and participants can arrive anytime between 6:30 and 7:20 to view the study plans and provide comments. There will be a presentation at 7:20 PM. Attendees should email to RSVP so that they can print enough handouts for everyone. This is a great opportunity to weigh in on how this area can be transformed into a cool Richardson destination!

There is a bike rack at the Civic Center on the south side of the building – and we can ride somewhere to get a beer and a bite to eat afterwards.

From the City’s website:
“Main Street/Central Expressway Enhancement/Redevelopment Study Begins
A study of potential enhancement and redevelopment opportunities in the Main Street/Central Expressway area is under way, beginning with an inventory of existing conditions, a real estate market analysis and an open house for public input. The City Council on Monday reviewed the project scope and timeline with City staff and the lead consultant on the project.

The study area is approximately 415 acres, including the Central Expressway corridor from the southern City limit to Arapaho Road, as well as the City’s historic downtown. Both areas were identified for further study in the 2009 Comprehensive Plan.

There will be several opportunities for public input through the study process, beginning with an open house scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, in the Civic Center Grand Hall.

The open house will be designed to obtain input from a wide variety of interested individuals, groups and stakeholders, including business owners, property owners and other participants. It will provide an opportunity for those in attendance to discuss and prioritize issues for the corridor, imagine their own preferred future for the area and participate in the identification of action items for advancing study goals. The open house will be structured around a series of topics at various stations in the meeting room. Participants will be able to visit any or all of the stations to provide comment. A presentation will be made at approximately 7:20 p.m., with more time for the open house afterwards.

A final report is expected to be presented to the City Council in December.

Click the links below to watch Monday’s City Council presentation:

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More Mosquito Spraying Tonight – Southeast Richardson

From the City of Richardson:

The Richardson Health Department will spray a portion of southeast Richardson this evening based on a positive finding of West Nile in a mosquito testing pool. Weather permitting, the spraying will occur between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. tonight through tomorrow morning in the area from Main Street/Belt Line Road south to Buckingham Road and U.S. 75/Central Expressway east to Jupiter Road. If wind speeds of greater than 10 miles per hour are sustained, Health Department workers may postpone spraying until weather conditions are more favorable.

“We monitor the spread of West Nile through the use of mosquito traps strategically placed around the City,” said Richardson Health Department Director Bill Alsup. “Any time we find a positive result in an area, we target it and the surrounding area to try to prevent the spread of the disease. It’s a measure that helps to limit exposure to the virus, but people still need to maintain vigilance in protecting themselves when they go outside.”

The City was notified of the positive West Nile test result this afternoon by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The area targeted for spraying is based on the location where the positive result was located and also includes the surrounding area.

To protect from mosquito bites, people are urged to follow the Four D’s of protection:

  • DRAIN standing water around the home,
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET,
  • Avoid being outdoors at DUSK and DAWN when mosquitoes are most active,
  • And DRESS to protect yourself with long sleeves and pants to reduce skin exposure.

This will be the second spraying event to occur in Richardson in the past two weeks. The first spraying event occurred last week after mosquito pools and a Richardson resident tested positive for the West Nile virus. Three other cases of people infected with West Nile have also been reported in other parts of the Metroplex.

Spraying to control the population of mosquitoes and the spread of the West Nile virus is a last resort, and is part of a comprehensive plan the Richardson Health Department follows to control the mosquito population. All areas of the City are continuously monitored, and further sprayings will be scheduled based on mosquito surveillance used to monitor the spread of the West Nile virus.

Richardson is not alone in the noticed increase in mosquito populations and findings of West Nile in mosquitoes. Environmental conditions from last summer’s drought, a mild winter and abundant spring rains have resulted in an increased population.

More on the West Nile Virus
The West Nile virus is caused by a bite from an infected mosquito that’s already carrying the virus, but not all mosquitoes are capable of carrying or transmitting the disease. In North Texas, the risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito is greatest from July to October. Not everyone who gets bitten by an infected mosquito will get the virus, and it’s rare for people to become very sick if they do develop symptoms from the disease.

Symptoms of West Nile virus vary depending upon the person who becomes infected. People who do develop symptoms usually suffer from mild “flu-like” illness. Rarely, symptoms may require medical care or hospitalization. The people who are most susceptible to the disease are the very young, the very old and those with weakened immune systems.

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Mosquito Spraying in West Richardson

The City of Richardson sent out a notice today to let residents know they will be spraying for mosquitoes in the southwest portion of the city, from Melrose to Spring Valley and Coit to Central Expressway.

I emailed Richardson Health Department Director Bill Alsup to get the details so that cyclists can detour if need be. He replied:

“We spray when the weather permits as the wind must be 10 mph or less and no precipitation. As of right now it looks like we will spray tonight as long as the wind behaves. Spraying begins approximately 10 p.m. and can continue for several hours but never extends past about 3 a.m. at the latest. Please note that our spray equipment has an in cab remote control and when we see people out, we can turn the sprayer off. Appreciate your input.”


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How to Create a Bike to Work Day Event

Now that Bike Friendly Richardson has successfully held our very first Bike To Work Day event, we’d like to share the steps we took to make it happen. One of the goals for this year’s event was that it could serve as a template and an inspiration to other  bicycling groups, cities, and organizations for next year and the years to come.

Bike Friendly Richardson is an all-volunteer group with no operating budget. So once we decided that we wanted to have breakfast for bike commuters, we knew that we would need financial sponsorship from another organization. BikeDFW was our main partner for this event. They provided a tent, chairs, tables, coolers, literature, and paid for coffee and pastries. BikeDFW was also instrumental in reaching out to DART and securing permission to use Arapaho Center Station as our venue, and getting Richardson Bike Mart’s participation in sending one of their mechanics to provide free bicycle tune-ups.

Once we had a venue, Richard contacted local stores and restaurants to see who could donate hot food and some more drinks. Whole Foods, Taco Republic, and The Egg And I all graciously agreed to be a part of the event. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group also donated bottled water and handed out Neuro Energy drinks. It was also a good opportunity for these businesses to get more recognition in the community and we were glad to be able to  work with them.

We also cooperated with the City of Richardson by notifying them of the event, and checking whether we needed to fill out any permit information. Additionally, the City’s Bicycle Coordinator, Dave Carter, provided us with maps of Richardson’s bicycle facilities to hand out at the event.

BikeDFW President, Marc Mumby, designed an event poster, which we posted on Facebook, blogs, and asked our sponsors to post in their shops and online. BikeDFW helped us coordinate volunteers to pick up the equipment and supplies, set up and run the booth, and take down the booth and return the equipment to BikeDFW.

Now that we have a relationship with some community partners, and have been through the steps involved, we have a better idea of how to put future events together.

With a Bike to Work Day event, it’s important to decide what your event is about, and plan accordingly. Some Bike To Work Day events, as our neighbor to the west, Steve A. noted, can seem to be more about cyclists than for cyclists, if the event schedule or location doesn’t reflect cyclists’ actual commuting habits.

We tried to make our event about appreciation of and support for commuters and aspiring commuters, so we scheduled the event from 7 AM to 9:30 AM. We probably could have even opened it up a little bit earlier. We also did our best to choose a location that was on multiple commuting routes. Arapaho Center Station is the busiest of Richardson’s four DART stations, is popular with multi-modal cyclists, and is also located next to the Central Trail. As well, it’s not uncommon to see folks cycling down Greenville early in the morning. By my unofficial count, we had about 30 cyclists stop at the booth. Some were on their regular route and a few made a detour for some hot breakfast and to talk shop. The bicycle tune-ups were utilized and definitely appreciated! Although we weren’t sure what to expect, we believe our first Bike To Work Day was a great success.

-Jenny Rilling

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