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Here’s How To Ramble

Posted in Bicycle Events by dickdavid on February 19, 2010

We’ll go over this before the Raffle Ramble tomorrow, but I just wanted to post this for all of you Boy (and Girl) Scouts who like to be prepared.

This is a self-paced run. This way anybody can feel comfortable riding it. You can go solo, but we recommend riding with a buddy or group for more fun.
We’ve got 5 stops. Again, this is self-paced and making it to all the destinations isn’t required. Go to one or go to all five.
We’ve put together a route. To make it easier, we’ve mapped out an easy route to get to all the stops. There’s no direction, so choose where you want to go first.

IF YOU WANT TO RAMBLE (for those who donated):
Collect raffle tickets. Pick one up at each destination. The more stops you make, the better your chances are for winning prizes.
Possible bonus. There might be an opportunity to pick up more tickets at each stop. We’ll know more before the ride.
Win Prizes. Once you return to the start, each prize will have a ‘drawing pot’. Put your tickets in the pot of the prizes you want to win.

The Goals of the Ramble:
1) Enjoy a casual bike ride around Richardson
2) Help out a good cause
3) Win some cool prizes

Here is the route map. (red=suggested, green=alternate)

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