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Pics From The Raffle Ramble

Posted in Bicycle Events by dickdavid on February 21, 2010

The odds were against us. Putting together a Bike Friendly group ride in the middle of one of Texas’ worst winters, asking folks to donate to the 2010 Tour du Rouge, and dragging folk to the northern part of the Metroplex on a lazy Saturday afternoon seemed like a crazy idea when William Neumann proposed it to me. He seemed confident that if the Pedallas folks could pull together “The Twenty” in just a few days, we’d be able to do the same.

The ride took some effort to pull together, but William managed to secure some great sponsors who sent us some great prizes, several awesome folks stepped up and volunteered to help out, and quite a few people contributed to William’s Red Cross Fund (the final tally will come once William enters yesterday’s donations). By the way, William’s ride isn’t until May, so he’s still taking in donations. If you can’t help out, please mention it to your friends or employers. It’s a great cause and all donations are tax deductible.

If anything, this ride articulates exactly what I’d like to do with Bike Friendly Richardson. This group is about the community and getting bike riders together. If you have an idea about a bike gathering, we are listening.

Here are some pics.

You can also see more on Ron Marusak’s flickr pool.

Here are some pics from Joe Gregory.

Here are some from Sean Cortez-Mathis.

Pedallas gave us a great mention. We were glad to see them come out.

Here is a great write up from Biking In Dallas.

I’ll post more as the links come in.

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  1. […] Anyhow, the ride was enjoyable, the route was great and the people were fun.  I’m hoping to see more of these as the weather gets better.  And be sure to check out the BFR update with photos of their own here. […]

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