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Glenville Trail construction

Posted in Uncategorized by bibliosk8er on March 14, 2010

Tonight while I was out running some errands I hunted down the construction being done on the Glenville Trail, in Richardson.

As of 3/14, the circled area of the Glenville bike path is under construction.

As you can see on the Richardson Trail Guide, this trail will follow Glenville Rd from Woodhaven Grove Park, down on Spring Valley Rd, and go north. A branch will take you behind Mark Twain Elementary School over to Huffines Park, while the main trail continues north, with a loop that connects to the Duck Creek Trail, crossing Arapaho, and ultimately connecting with the DART trail that follows the light rail line up to Galatyn Park.

From what I can tell, the area I’ve circled in red is the part under construction right now. There is also some construction at the bridge on Arapaho, just west of Plano Rd. (I’ve put a red dot there), which I think is probably part of the trail – I guess they are taking it under the bridge there?

This trail will give people down in south east Richardson really good access to the trail system. They’ll able to ride to the light rail stations, Galatyn Park, the Spring Creek Nature area, well — everything. Super super cool.

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  1. Chris Curnutt said, on March 14, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    These updates are great. Richardson is doing some very cool stuff. Thanks!


  2. dickdavid said, on March 15, 2010 at 5:20 am

    Great job, Bob!! You’re a great asset to the blog.

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  4. […] Richardson is doing it again. They’re following through with their bike route master plan. This time, we’ve spotted new trail construction through the Duck Creek subdivision. This little connection will join the existing Duck Creek Trail to Huffhines Park, as well as the new Huffhines Recreation Center. From there, is the new route through Mark Twain park that connects to the Glenville Trail (covered by Bob). […]

  5. […] we discovered that it was also part of the Glenville Trail capital improvement program that Bob reported about. This phase will connect Bowser Road to Duck […]

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