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UCAT Breakfast Ride Sunday March, 28

Posted in Bicycle Events by dickdavid on March 21, 2010

BFR friend, Michael, has put together a casual breakfast ride next weekend called the UCAT – Urban Cafe Assault Team. Here are the details:

Urban Cafe Assault Team (UCAT of Seattle), Breakfast With Good Company, started in the spring of 1994 as an attempt to get two friends together for a blind date. We figured a group of common friends having breakfast together would be a comfortable atmosphere for the two to meet. As it turned out, one of them did not show up! Everyone else ended up having such a good time, we all decided to do it again. We called ourselves The Breakfast Club then. One of our members created the logo and we started sending out postcards every month.

Urban Cafe Assault Team (UCAT of BFR), will continue this fine tradition with easy Sunday morning rides and a breakfast. Not a race, just a relaxed, social get together, all are welcome. We’ll follow breakfast with a nice ride to finish out the morning.

Cafe Brazil – Richardson
2071 North Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

Please invite your friends, new people are always welcome!
When paying, include a 20% tip (no Breakfast Weasels!)
Have Fun!
It would be nice if you RSVP’d so we can tell the restaurant how many people to expect.

We try to order by 10:15AM

Route is roughly 7 miles, no major roads, and about 292 ft of climbing.



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