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Route For The Cruise To The Cottonwood

Posted in Bicycle Events by dickdavid on April 28, 2010

We finally got a chance to put together a map to the festival. It’s a short little 6.65 mile route – mostly through some really nice neighborhood streets.

We hope to see you there.

Here are more details about the ride.

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  1. Howard Maher said, on April 28, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    Here’s another route that I used for several years while commuting across Richardson (of course I didn’t start at the Galatyn Park Station and didn’t go very far south on Cottonwood Drive). I found the Collins bridge over Central to not be that bicycle friendly, so I went to Campbell and Central and crossed there instead. And I even preferred some more residential roads vs. going too far on Melrose. Waterview, also, was too busy for me… There is an alley off Sandhill to the left after 50 feet that I couldn’t get Google maps to take, that cuts off about .2 mile…

    So here’s about as close as I can get to it:
    Start address: Galatyn Park Station
    End address: S Cottonwood Dr

    Start at: Galatyn Park Station

    1. Head south toward Campbell Road along bike path – 0.7 mi
    2. Cross Campbell and turn right across Central Access Roads at E Campbell Rd (be careful here!) – 285 ft
    3. Turn left at N Central Expy and ride along the sidewalk past the Starbucks and cut thru the bank parking lot to get on Municipal- 0.2 mi
    4. Turn right at Municipal Dr – 0.5 mi
    5. Continue onto Richardson Dr – 0.1 mi
    6. Turn right at Sandhill Dr – 312 ft
    7. Turn right at Prairie Dog Run – 0.1 mi
    8. Prairie Dog Run turns left and becomes Bison Trail – 0.1 mi
    9. Bison Trail turns left and becomes Bedford Dr – 0.5 mi
    10. Turn left at Provincetown Ln – 312 ft
    11. Turn right at Cambridge Dr – 0.5 mi
    12. Turn left at Wisteria Way – 0.2 mi
    13. Turn right at Melrose Dr – 0.6 mi
    14. Turn left at Cheyenne Dr – 427 ft
    15. Turn right at Navaho Trail/Navajo Trail – 0.6 mi
    16. Turn left at N Cottonwood Dr – 1.4 mi

    Arrive at: S Cottonwood Dr

    Ride On!
    Howard Maher

    • dickdavid said, on April 29, 2010 at 5:47 am

      Great route, Howard! I’ve gone in and adjusted the ride map to reflect this.

      As far as the Collins bridge verses the Campbell sidewalk goes, it will depend on the group and we’ll need to take a vote with the group once we gather. Although I’m fine with taking the sidewalk, some may not.
      Plus, bringing a larger group that way may be a little bit more difficult keeping together. I’m completely open to what the group wants to do and I’ve got it on the map as an alternate route.

      The same goes with Waterview verses Cottonwood. My concern with Cottonwood is crossing both Arapaho and Belt Line at intersections without lights. Again, I’ve made an alternate route based on yours (slightly adjusted to cross Arapaho at Mimosa) that we can have the group vote on. Either way works for me, based on the size and comfort level of the group.

      BTW, This is the kind of GREAT feedback that I love! There are so many locals who use so many great routes that I haven’t tried yet. It’s great to get this info and I hope folks can provide more. It’s the best way for this community to grow.

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