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Posted in BFR Misc by dickdavid on April 30, 2010

I’d like to think that a little bit of bicycle advocacy and even more awareness will help make the streets safe for cyclists.  Sometimes things are out of our control. The following is a story from a fellow cyclist who was caught up in an accident while heading home from the last Bike Friendly Oak Cliff group ride. When it happened, she was legally stopped on a neighborhood street in Richardson.

Here’s her story (holding back on the graphic details):

Hi, I wanted to share a few words about an event that occurred on Sunday afternoon.

I was riding back from the Oak Cliff Ninjas vs. Pirates bike ride when two cars slammed into me. I had left Arapaho Center Station and was at the Coit and Melrose intersection waiting for a green light – I was just sitting on my bike.

A car in the cross-traffic took a sharp, unprotected left turn and a car driving the opposite way struck it. The two cars then slid toward me; slamming into my body and causing me to fly back with them… The incredible part about all of this was I walked away with only scrapes and bruises. After being rushed to the ER and staying for a few hours, I was released… Even my bike was spared major damage.

Because of this event I wanted to stress two points to everyone who bicycles, will, or knows someone who does:
1) Wear a helmet! Simplest rule but I know many disregard it. Many people at the Ninjas vs. Pirates bike ride didn’t wear one. I too wore a costume, but I also wore a helmet. Remember, I was basically a pedestrian who was struck, they say I had a concussion; but nothing more.
2) Continue advocating for car-free and/or car-light lifestyles. Promote alternative forms of transportation as they are safer, healthier, and friendlier for us. What would you want to be on the road: 18 pound aluminum frames or 4,000 pound tanks?

-Angelica Huerta

There’s no denying that this was a traumatic experience for Angelica. She was stopped at the wrong place at the wrong time, but fortunately, was able to walk away from it. If anything, this is a good reminder that safety should always be a priority when we ride.

Hopefully, knowing that more of us out of there, drivers will be less willing to take such dangerous chances on the roads we share.

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  1. atomicmama68 said, on May 1, 2010 at 11:18 am

    I’m so happy she is safe, now. what a scary thing.

  2. bibliosk8 said, on May 1, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Glad she is OK. There are so many drivers who are just dumbasses. Makes me sick.

  3. yoderman said, on May 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Good to hear that Angelica is OK and still advocating bicycles as a viable form of transportation. Most members of our society don’t get it yet and it is up to us to help them understand.

    Before we start calling names though, please take a moment to breath, think that we don’t know all the facts about either of the two drivers involved and remember that blind hatred will not get the change we all need.

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