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Thank You Richardson Voters

Posted in City Stuff by dickdavid on May 9, 2010

The margin wasn’t as large as previous bond elections, but Richardson voters have approved a $66 million bond package. It’s a nice hunk of change, but well worth it.

It’s was hard for me to appreciate the value of city improvements and growth until I started riding my bike. Most of them were missed when I drove around. If you get a chance, take a bike ride through town and watch this city change and improve. It will give you a better perspective of where we live.

Here are just a few that I’ve noticed.

Construction of the NEW BCBS Building

Construction of the NEW Ped/Bike Ramp From Routh Creek Road to Spring Creek Park

Construction of the NEW Huffines Baseball Park

Bridge/Road Improvements in a Richardson Neighborhood

Bike Lanes to Help Cyclists, but also Slow Down Neighborhood Traffic

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