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White Rock Local Market – Creating Destinations In Dallas

Posted in City Stuff by dickdavid on August 15, 2010

We’re sorry to keep harping on the subject of a local market, but we feel that this and other great destinations throughout the city will help build a stronger bike community. Read more here and here.

A GREAT example of this is the White Rock Local Market. From their site: “Local food, local goods and local friends are what make our community special. Facilitating the sale of fresh and nutritious produce, meat and dairy, breads, and artisan foods is a solid step to strengthening our community.” Twice a month, they set up in a local parking lot for folks to gather and enjoy local goods with their neighbors.

It just goes to show you, a city doesn’t need a huge infrastructure to host a local market. All it takes is a parking lot and a desire to build a stronger community.

We enjoyed our visit to the White Rock market yesterday and brought home some tasty tamales and salsa. I even took a nice ride around White Rock Lake afterwards. Because of this market, we felt more at home in this White Rock neighborhood than we’ve ever felt in Richardson. A feeling we’d like to bring home.

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