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New Richardson Trail-Way Master Plan Map

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on December 21, 2010

We’ve been meaning to post this, but haven’t had a chance. The City of Richardson has posted an updated trail map. This time, instead of just calling it the “Bicycle Route Plan,” they are now calling it the Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail-Way Master Plan (pdf), which we prefer.

Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail-Ways Plan

As you can see, there have been many updates and additions, compared to the older City Of Richardson’s Master Bike Route Plan (pdf) – including the new bike lanes in the Duck Creek neighborhood, as well as the proposed and completed lanes on Collins. We’ll keep a link to this map on our Maps page.

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  2. Jason Sprouse said, on December 23, 2010 at 12:47 am

    Thanks for updating progress in the area. Not only is this good for people in the community, if utilized it should be good for tourism too.

  3. […] are very fortunate to have such an aggressive Bike and Pedestrian Plan in Richardson. The city planners are doing a great job retrofitting some new trails and bike lanes into an older, […]

  4. Rod said, on January 26, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    I’ve been hit by cars twice and almost made it three today. Be very careful at Waterview and Campbell on the Campbell bike trail. At Waterview going east or west you have to cross 6 lanes and the east west traffic hasn’t got a clue about the trail. I was going east therefore going on the trail in the wrong direction, for my side of the road, of normal traffic. When I crossed Waterview a car also traveling east on Campbell was concentrating on getting a clear shot to turn left and gunned it to cross. At the last moment the driver saw me and slammed on the brakes. I’ll be making a big loop to avoid crossing at that point for now on. Maybe going north on Waterview and making a big u-turn or going west on Tatum. I think a turn only signal would remedy my problem but create a bigger problem for UTD and businesses on Waterview.

  5. […] (and quite recently) about improving the Collins Street Bridge for bicycle / pedestrian use.  The Richardson Parks, Recreation, & Transportation Trail-Way Master Plan shows the Collins Street Bridge as accommodating a “Potential Bicycle Lane” and a […]

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