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Spring Creek Trail: North Of Renner Road – A Progress Report

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on April 2, 2011

Do you remember when Bob reported about this trail over a year ago? Back then it was just an open field and a plan to extend the Spring Creek Trail from the Renner Road at Central Expressway rest stop to Alma Road at the PGB Tollway. We’re happy to report that, over a year later, the trail is mostly – and we stress mostly – complete. Unfortunately, two key portions that will connect it to the Spring Creek Trail are far from complete. Both the passages under Renner Road and Central Expressway still have a long way to go.

Like with the central underpass, just south of Renner, contractors didn’t quite make the goal of February 2011 completion. Considering how bad some of last winter’s snow storms were, the setbacks are understandable.

That didn’t stop us from taking a spin to investigate the progress. Check out some of the shots from the upcoming trail (Click on the map above to see these pics in context).

Trail Under Renner Road - Far From Finished

Passage Under Renner Road - Still Flooded

East Side Trail - North of Renner Road, East of Central

Trail North Of Renner Road To Central Expressway

Trail Under Central (North Of Renner Road)

Passage Under Central Expressway

Trail Heading Towards PGB Tollway

West Trail From Central Towards The PGB Tollway

Under The PGB Tollway

Under The PGB Tollway - Facing West

Trail Under PGB Tollway

Under The PGB Tollway - Facing East

Trail Leaving PGB Tollway

Trail Emerging Out From Under The PGB Tollway

End of the Trail

End Of The Trail At Alma And PGB Tollway

Some folks have questioned the purpose of this trail. Although it will provide a safe passage under Central Expressway, it really doesn’t provide much of a connection between east and west Richardson. Once it connects to Alma Road, it just stops. Well, according to the Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian  Trailways Plan, it will eventually continue along the PGB Tollway as well as the planned Cottenbelt Trail.

We’d like to see Dallas and Plano provide connections to both north and south Preston Ridge Trail. Fingers crossed.

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