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A little more about those Near Term Action Items

Posted in Advocacy, Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by jennyrilling on September 23, 2011

Last week, the Richardson City Council didn’t really dicuss any particular item on the list of Near Term Action Items. However, it looks like this Monday, the Council will most likeley vote to adopt the list of action items they’ve been working to identify and rank.

Cycling is specifically mentioned under item L., Transportation and Mobility, as “Evaluate the expansion of the City’s bike lane system and enhancing pavement markings and signage”.

Some of the other items on the list are:
Community Vitality and Neighborhood Integrity
Environmental Management
Health Care Facilities and Community Wellness

To me, a vibrant and diverse cycling culture contributes to all three of the items above, in additon to Transportation and Mobility. Hopefully, the City Council and City staff agree. Every time that cyclists make a trip by bike instead of using a car, they cut down on emissions, get a healthy dose of excercise and fresh air, and provide another pair of eyes on the street in our neighborhoods. A win for cycling thus often provides a parallel win in another category.

We’ll continue to monitor the progress of the Near Term Action Items and provide updates as information becomes available.

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