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Spring Creek Trail Looks Worse Than I Thought

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on December 30, 2011

Last week the City of Richardson announced that they would be closing off portions of the Spring Creek Trail for repairs. Since I typically ride the west section, from the Routh Creek Parkway ramp to the Central Expressway underpasses, I didn’t know the extent of the wear and tear on the trail.

I took a spin thought the entire length this morning and discovered that it was much worse than I thought. Here are some pics of just a few areas marked for repair:

Pending Trail Repair

Pending Trail Repair

Pending Repair

Bridge For Repair

Pending Trail Repair

Seeing the extent of this wear makes me glad the city is working – proactively – to keep it maintained and safe for those using it. Yet, another great reason to live in Richardson.

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