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Plano On-Street Bicycle Signs and Routes

Posted in Advocacy, Bike Trails and Routes by bergerandfries on January 18, 2012

Hello there, bergerandfries with my first BFR posting. Our friends in Plano have kicked off a project to make Plano easier to ride by bicycle!  Plano has a great off street Multi-Use Path system, but now they are implementing On-Street bicycle signs and routes.

A map can be found at here (pdf).
An excerpt from Plano’s Website at: City of Plano’s On-Street Bicycle Routes

What will the signage be?
The signage is in accordance with the Texas Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a code that regulates traffic signage at the state level, ensuring that all traffic signage is consistent. This code also dictates how signs are placed in terms of location and frequency and how they are displayed. Most of the signage is green and white guidance signage. This regulatory sign below tells both the cyclist and the motorist that the cyclist has the right to occupy the whole travel lane.
Cyclist Right to Whole Lane
Guidance signs show the Plano logo, a bicycle symbol and the route number you are on. Some directional signs show which way to turn to intersect with another bicycle route.
Route 90 Sign
Route 88 Left Turn
What do the numbers mean?
For example, the numbers 90, 88, 70 and 37 above are route numbers. The routes are numbered because they are often not one single through street but a combination of several different streets making up the route.
The numbering system mimics our nation’s interstate highway system. Odd numbers indicate north-south routes. The odd numbers are smaller on the west side of the city increasing as you move eastward starting with 5 and ending with 97. Even numbers indicate east-west routes. The even numbers are smaller on the south side of the city increasing as you move north starting with 2 and ending with 90.

What can Richardson folks do to help?
Plano Bike Route #97 leads directly into Richarson North Star Rd, which on the Richardson Bike Plan is a future signed on-street route too. You might remark to City of Richardson that it’s time to get moving on North Star Rd marking. These signs can really helps Richardson folks to get around Plano if they don’t know the best places to cycle on-street. And if you stop in any Plano businesses, even if the signs are not up yet, please thank them for being on the Plano Bike Route #xxx and ask when are they getting a bike rack!

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