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I Bike Richardson – Scott Braden

Posted in I Bike Richardson by dickdavid on September 10, 2013

It’s time for another installment of the I Bike Richardson series, where we put a face on Richardson cyclists. We’d like to introduce Scott Braden. He took the time to answer a few questions about biking. Enjoy:


Scott Braden

How long have you been riding?
Since I was a kid… age 5… living on Downing Drive in Richardson. Got into road racing in my teens, never really stopped. I’m 47 now so that’s 40+ years riding in and around Richardson.

How often do you ride?
Train for racing 4-6 x / week, ride casually / for errands almost every day.

What’s your favorite route?
I like the Canyon Creek neighborhoods, some good hills to train on quiet streets.

Also a fan of the bike trail system, especially Owens Trail and the Spring Creek / Renner complex, very nice and I use them frequently.

Further afield, White Rock Lake is a gem. Cedar Hill is nice for big hills, and the area near Sherman TX has some amazing country roads for exploring.

Why do you cycle?
It’s fun, it’s escape from everyday life, it’s outside and healthy, it’s a way to explore new places (or, old places in a new way).

What is your perspective on riding – in general or in Richardson?
Richardson is a gem for cycling because the street layout allows for “back streets” to be bike routes; many newer cities have disconnected developments that require busy main roads be used. Richardson is also blessed with a large road cycling population thanks to Richardson Bike Mart, and therefore we have great bike lanes, signs, and trails.

Tell us about your bikes.
Several road bikes, a mountain bike, kids bikes, spouse bike… I mainly ride the road (racing) bike and the MTB.

We want to thank Scott, for sharing his perspective on Richardson cyling.

We’d also like to extend an invitation to any cyclist who lives and/or rides in Richardson to share their story as well. You can either answer the questions (above) or send in a story – along with some pics to bikefriendlyrichardson(at)

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