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I Bike Richardson – Irma Koepke

Posted in I Bike Richardson by dickdavid on September 12, 2013

It’s time for another installment of the I Bike Richardson series, where we put a face on Richardson cyclists. We’d like to introduce Irma Koepke. She took the time to answer a few questions about biking. Enjoy:


Irma Koepke

How long have you been riding?
Started back up again about 5 years ago. Before that it was off and on just when ever I could. Had a very busy schedule with family, work, and kids school activities.

How often do you ride?
As often as I can. From taking my road bike for a spin, to riding my commuter bike to work, to mountain biking when ever I can, and to trying out cyclocross for the first time.

What’s your favorite route?
On my road bike, if I go to Plano, I go north on Waterview to Renner. Take a left on Los Rios to Jupiter. Right on Jupiter to Park Place Dr. Then a right on S. Allen Heights Dr. which turns into Bolin Rd. Then take a left on to Pecan Orchard Dr.and then a right on Hackberry Ln., which curves around to Donihoo Ln., and it curves right to Donna Ln. Take a right on Parker and then a left on Dublin Rd. Take a right on to Park Blvd, and head back to Los Rios to Renner to Waterview.

When I ride to White Rock Lake, I take the Cottonwood Trail to WRT. Once its safe to ride under 635, I will start back on that route.

Why do you cycle?
For many different reason’s. I feel free on a bike. I bike for those who can’t for whatever reason. My road bike has pink handle bar tape on it. When ever I feel like I am struggling up an incline or just feel tired, I just have to look down at my pink tape. It symbolizes my mom’s 10 year battle with breast cancer. She is now a survivor.

I love riding my commuter bike around the neighborhood. I get a lot of looks.

I love roller coasters, and that what it feels like MTB’ing at RCP.
Cyclocross will be new for me this Fall.

I grew up in Richardson. I used to ride my bike to school as a kid. We always rode our bikes to our friends houses, to the store, to the park, to the rec center, just ever where. Richardson makes it easy to get around.

Being on my bikes brings back so many great memories of growing up in Richardson.


What is your perspective on riding – in general or in Richardson?
Just love the feeling of riding. Love the trails Richardson has to offer. Can’t wait for the Central Trail to open!

Happy to see more people out on their bikes, but wish people new the laws of the road (People on bikes and people driving cars around cyclist, even joggers in the street running in the opposite direction in the bike lanes)

Tell us about your bikes.
I have 4 bikes:
Specialized Myka MTB
Felt Cafe 7
Specialized Dolce road bike
Specialized Crux Elite cyclocross bike


We want to thank Irma, for sharing her perspective on Richardson cyling.

We’d also like to extend an invitation to any cyclist who lives and/or rides in Richardson to share their story as well. You can either answer the questions (above) or send in a story – along with some pics to bikefriendlyrichardson(at)

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