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Biking for root beer!

Posted in BFR Misc by bibliosk8er on April 15, 2010

NOTE: I just realized that the pictures I took tonight make Richardson look kind of ugly, so I promise next time I’ll take lots of scenic pics!

I’ll be posting various versions of this article on several blogs. God, I love this whole blogging addiction thing.

OK, I went for a casual Richardson ride tonight. Rather than my usual 18 mile ride on the Fuji, I decided to go toodle around on the Townie. Just kinda giving my legs a rest. Feel like I’ve been blowing them out a bit.

Anyway, I rode from my house down to Richardson Heights Shopping Center, after a brief stop at the old Methodist church/current Buddhist temple/organization, where I did a little deep breathing-meditation in their garden.

I rode around the shopping center parking lot for a while and took this picture of what for many years was the JC Penney store. Man, this place has been empty for a long time, which is a bummer. Most of the other spaces in the shopping center are occupied, which is great. My family used to shop here a lot, and I got many winter coats at the Penney store. This was before nearly all the big stores had moved to malls. Things were better. Malls have ruined so much. They suck.

As long as I’m being nostalgic, this 7-Eleven has been in the same place forever. I know it’s just a 7-Eleven, but I like it that it is still there.

OK, enough nostalgia. Let move on — there is more excitement to come!

I proceeded in an easterlyish direction, under Central Expressway, and moved into glamorous downtown Richardson. I rode around a bit, checking out the activity in local businesses. It’s pretty amazing what kind of small businesses you discover if you’re just farting around on a bike. I knew there were some hookah shops and bars, down there. I discovered a custom plus-sized dress shop, a hip-hop clothing company, etc.

But since this was a leisurely ride, I decided I had exerted myself a little too much. Refreshment was required, and what better place to obtain them than Dell’s Hamburgers, on Polk Street. I locked the Townie up (I just realized I need to come up with a cool name for the Townie, kinda like the Bike Snob has his cool name for his bike), and entered the establishment, and ordered up one of their awesome homemade root beers. Aaaaaah…muy delicioso!

So, I hope all this makes the point that Richardson is really a great town to ride bikes in. After about 7pm, it is fully and totally chill, with lots of great little spots to hit for eats and drinks.

Glenville Trail construction

Posted in Uncategorized by bibliosk8er on March 14, 2010

Tonight while I was out running some errands I hunted down the construction being done on the Glenville Trail, in Richardson.

As of 3/14, the circled area of the Glenville bike path is under construction.

As you can see on the Richardson Trail Guide, this trail will follow Glenville Rd from Woodhaven Grove Park, down on Spring Valley Rd, and go north. A branch will take you behind Mark Twain Elementary School over to Huffines Park, while the main trail continues north, with a loop that connects to the Duck Creek Trail, crossing Arapaho, and ultimately connecting with the DART trail that follows the light rail line up to Galatyn Park.

From what I can tell, the area I’ve circled in red is the part under construction right now. There is also some construction at the bridge on Arapaho, just west of Plano Rd. (I’ve put a red dot there), which I think is probably part of the trail – I guess they are taking it under the bridge there?

This trail will give people down in south east Richardson really good access to the trail system. They’ll able to ride to the light rail stations, Galatyn Park, the Spring Creek Nature area, well — everything. Super super cool.

Trail Construction

Posted in City Stuff by bibliosk8er on March 11, 2010
Trail construction

The beginning of the extention of the Spring Creek Trail. This pic is taken looking east, a few feet north (I think it was on the north side!) of the railroad track, off of Alma, right before you get to Bush Tollway. Click for full sized image.

 Hi folks. Bob here. On my  ride to work this morning I noticed some construction off of Alma, right before you pass under the Bush Tollway (heading north into Plano). Stopped and snapped a pic, and confirmed with one of the friendly construction guys that it is indeed a “hike and bike trail”. It is the extention, as it turns out, of the Spring Creek trail (see the Richardson Trail-Way Master Plan), which will eventually hook up to the Cotton Belt trail. 

It’s all coming together, folks. They are apparently working on the new Glenville trail too, which I’m going to go hunting for tonight. Write the city council, and thank them for their support of cycling in Richardson, and give big props to the folks at Parks & Rec who are running this thing. We are going to be the Portland of DFW (minus all the other cool stuff up there, but with the addition of extreme heat in the summers and affordable housing). 

Red dot shows location of the photo shown above. Click for full-sized image.