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New Bike Lanes On Canyon Creek Drive

Posted in Bike Change, City Stuff by dickdavid on August 12, 2012

The City of Richardson does it again. We now have some new bike lanes on Canyon Creek Drive, along with some newly repainted bike lanes on Yale Boulevard. As usual, we are grateful that the city has been doing this for cyclists. These are also great for calming traffic through these neighborhoods as well.

Here are some pics:

Most of the route is painted with a nice buffer between bikes and traffic, yet wide enough to keep riders out of the gutter.

Bike Lane With Buffer - Win

Bike Lane With Buffer

Bike Lane Canyon Creek Drive

Unfortunately, because these go through residential streets, accommodations were made to give homeowners space to park in front of their houses. This will put cyclists in the ‘door zone’. Please, proceed with caution in these lanes and always know that you are allowed to leave the bike lane if you choose. Travel in the bike lane is not required – just a benefit.

Bike Lane Shared With Residential Parking

Bike Lane In Door Zone

New Bike Route Signs On Collins

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I noticed these last night and thought I would share. The new signs – that I’ve seen so far – are placed on Plano Road (approaching Collins) and on Collins, between Plano Road and the Central overpass.

I wonder if these are place holders until they get money to finish out the painted bike lanes on Collins.

New Bike Signs In Richardson

View From Plano Road Facing South (to Collins intersection)

New Bike Signs On Collins

View of Collins - Westbound

Way To Go, Plano!

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I saw this NBC video on Facebook, talking about the city’s new bicycle signs. Click below to see the news report.

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City of Richardson Receives “Safe Routes to School” Funding Grant

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The Rides

Again, if you get the City’s newsletter, you’ve probably already seen this:

The City of Richardson has been awarded federal funding through a Safe Routes to School grant from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for two schools in Richardson: Richland Elementary and Yale Elementary.

At Monday’s work session, the City Council was briefed by staff on the City’s efforts to acquire this funding, the status of the programmed projects and the improvements that will be made around the schools.

The work that will be funded by the grant includes installation of barrier-free ramps, sidewalks, bike routes, bike lanes and bike racks.

The City Council will consider a resolution to approve funding agreements with TxDOT at a future meeting. Click here to view the work session presentation.

This is fantastic news for families with kids going to these schools. This is especially good news to me, since one of these schools is in my neighborhood. We’re grateful that the City kept up with this, even after not getting selected the first time.

Coming February 1-3, 2012 – Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference

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Bike Texas

We met some of the Bike Texas folks at BFOC‘s Bicycle Fair last October and they were promoting an event that they helped organize in San Antonio next year. It’s the biennial Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference, aka the Texas Bike/Ped Summit.

Here is the info from their site:

Register Now! The biennial Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference, aka the Texas Bike/Ped Summit, is coming up fast!  Engineers, planners, advocates and anyone interested in active transportation is invited to join us in San Antonio February 1-3, 2012, at El Tropicano hotel downtown on the Riverwalk.

Organized by BikeTexas and the Texas Trails Network, we have the strongest line up of Keynote Speakers in our history.

  • Former congressman Jim Oberstar, a true champion for bicycles over his 36 years in the U.S. Congress  
  • The renowned Danish architect and urban design consultant Jan Gehl, who prioritizes bicyclists and pedestrians in his designs  
  • John Burke, President of Trek Bicycles and life long dedicated bike advocate
  • Senator Rodney Ellis, Houston, a cyclist, and a friend of all Texas cyclists

This conference has something for everyone: Bike/Ped Coordinators, Advocates, Cycling Enthusiasts, Trail Builders/Advocates, Safe Routes to School Coordinators, Traffic Engineers, Public, and Private partnerships, Urban Planners, Teachers, and more.  Earn education credits!  For more details, click here to check out the conference website for daily updates, and “like” the conference Facebook page.

The full registration price is $350 and includes all meals and access to dozens of on- and off-site workshops, breakout sessions, and keynote speakers – everything you need to recharge your batteries and be inspired to make Texas a great place for trails and active transportation. I’d really like to make it out to this conference just to get a glimpse into what’s happening for cycling in Texas. I just hope that I can get the time.

Federal funding for bicycling is under serious attack

Posted in Advocacy, BFR Misc, Bike Change by dickdavid on September 14, 2011

This is a message from Below is a link to an easy online form that helps you contact your local US Senators.

Federal funding for bicycling is under serious attack. Today or tomorrow, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma will introduce an amendment to eliminate dedicated funding for Transportation Enhancements, which is the main source of funding for bike projects of all types. We need you to take action today by emailing your U.S. Senators to urge them to oppose and defeat Mr. Coburn’s amendment.

If Senator Coburn’s amendment succeeds, bicycling in the U.S. will become less safe and more difficult. Twenty years of consistent, cost-effective investment in beneficial bike projects will stop.

When we launched, we promised you that we would only ask for your help when we really needed it. This is one of those times.

We need every U.S. Senator to hear from hundreds, if not thousands, of their constituents who value government support for bicycling. A strong vote against Coburn’s amendment will be a convincing statement of how much Congress and Americans value bicycling, and will influence all future votes on bike and pedestrian programs and funding.

Please email your U.S. Senators today and tell them to oppose Coburn’s amendment and preserve funding for bicycling. (You can find your Senators, review basic suggested text for your email, and send your note directly from this link.)

Thanks for your support and your quick response to this call to action.

Tim Blumenthal

Way To Go, Plano!

Posted in Bike Change by dickdavid on August 4, 2011
PGB - Ohio Drive Underpass

Ohio Drive Under The PGB Tollway

Here’s some great news from our neighbors in Plano. Bike Friendly Richardson friend Howard M, posted this on the BFR Facebook page.

Fwd: City of Plano City Council to approve On-street Bicycle Signage project 8/8 7 PM

From: “Renee Jordan”
Date: August 2, 2011 2:37:09 PM CDT
To: Plano Cyclists
Subject: City of Plano City Council to approve On-street Bicycle Signage project 8/8 7 PM


I wanted to let you know that on Monday 8/8 our City Council has on its agenda 2 items that might be of interest to you.

1.) Bid No. 2011-194-B for the Citywide On-street Bicycle Route Signage, Project No. 5858

This is a project to install bicycle route signage along 168 miles of roadway in the City of Plano.

2.) To approve an Engineering Services Agreement by and between the City of Plano and BW2 Engineers, Inc. for the design of the Preston Ridge Trail connection.

This is a project to place trail in the right of way of Ohio Drive from the Bush Tollway north to Tradition Trail making an off road connection to Preston Ridge Trail in Dallas at the Tollway.

On the close of business Thursday, the City Council meeting agenda will be posted here:

Additionally, the City of Plano has launched a new program called Fix It Plano. It is a tool to report problems such as pot holes. Problems can be reported by phoning in, texting in, using the web portal or a smartphone. Here is a link:​spx

Please share with your contacts. Thanks!

Renée Burke Jordan, AICP
Plano Parks & Recreation
Trail System Planner

This is GREAT NEWS for those of us who use the Preston Ridge Trail or ride through Plano. The missing link under the PGB Tollway (between Dallas and Plano) is probably one of the biggest misses in the north Dallas trail system. Making this connection will get cyclist closer to a complete multi-purpose trail that will run from North Plano (almost Frisco) all the way into Dallas.

There is still a trail gap at Tradition Trail, but it’s all side streets from there to Plano’s Preston Ridge Trail (to the north). There’s also a gap at the southern end of Dallas’ Preston Ridge Trail, where it doesn’t quite connect with the Cottonwood Trail.

The signage will be a nice plus as well. Hopefully, they will remind drivers to share the road with cyclists.

PGB - Ohio Drive Underpass

Start Of A Multi-Purpose Trail Under The PGB. Looks like the tollway planners took into account a need for a MPT. Now it's just a matter of continuing it up Ohio Drive.

Trail Under Renner Road – Progress

Posted in Bike Change, City Stuff by dickdavid on July 28, 2011

Trail Progress

Just wanted to post a quick pick of the progress on the trail that will go under Renner Road (just east of Central). I doesn’t look like much, but there is actually quite a bit being done here.

B-Cycle – Bike Sharing Might Come To Fort Worth

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Image © B-Cycle. Please Visit Their Site

The folks over at Fortworthology have a great report on the possibility of bike sharing coming to Fort Worth. You should really check it out.

B-Cycle is a bike sharing service that is making it’s way across the country – giving communities an alternative mode of urban transportation that’s inexpensive, healthy, fun and environmentally friendly. Cities like Denver, Boulder, Chicago and even San Antonio have already started using this system. Hopefully, it will make it’s way to north Texas.

Since Richardson isn’t large enough to justify a system like this, we hope that Dallas would consider pairing up B-Cycle with it’s new 2011 Bike Plan. How cool would it be to ride your bike and lock it up at the DART Red Line station, catch a train to downtown, and have another bike waiting for you when you arrived at the West End? If you’ve ever tried bringing your bike on the train during rush hour, you’d really appreciate a bike sharing system.

We can only hope.

Image © B-Cycle - Please Visit Their Site

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Finally, Bike Parking At The Cottonwood Art Festival

Posted in Bike Change, City Stuff by dickdavid on May 11, 2011

Bike Parking at the Cottonwood Arts Festival

We really enjoy going to the Cottonwood Art Festival. It’s probably one of the best artisan events in the Metroplex and it happens in one of our own neighborhood parks. Our only complaint about the festival is the insane automobile traffic and limited car parking during the event. There is no reason an event like this couldn’t have bicycle parking available to help ease some of those issues. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to attend a local, outdoor event, than to arrive on my bike. Reader and bike enthusiast, Brad M. also sent in the suggestion for a bike rack last year.

Well, it looks like event coordinators feel the same way. This year, at the front of the festival, there was a bike rack that was in full use. It was the only one, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

If you feel that bike parking is a good idea at this event, please contact the event coordinators and let them know. While you’re at it, tell them you would like more.