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Cycling Rules Enforced In Collin County

Posted in Bike Education, City Stuff by dickdavid on July 15, 2011

Since half of Richardson is in Collin County (anything north of Lookout Drive), we thought it would be good to repost this from our friends at BikeDFW. Because of some concerns with road safety and in response to some motorists complaints, the cycling rules will be enforced in Collin County. Representatives from the bike community, including BikeDFW, met up with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office to have a “positive and productive meeting that resulted in a set of guidelines for how traffic laws will be enforced for bike riders in areas patrolled by the county.”

Click here to see those guidelines.

It is our opinion that all cyclist who ride and share the road should follow all the appropriate state and local traffic laws. It appears that the rules that will be enforced by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office are in compliance with the state laws and seem reasonable for north Texas cyclists.

On a personal note, although I’ve been making a strong effort to come to a complete stop at all lights and stop signs, I usually don’t put my foot down. I would typically do a track stand until I was certain of my right of way. If it’s a red light or not my turn at a stop sign, the foot would go down. Now, I’m going to need to make a conscious effort to put my foot down at every stop. I guess it’s better than getting a citation.