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New Bike Lanes – North Collins

Posted in Bike Change, Bike Friendly, Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on December 4, 2010
North Collins Bike Lane

New Bike Lane On North Collins

These projects are in the Richardson Bike Plan, but you never know when they’ll pop up. It’s always a nice surprise when you take a turn onto a road, only to discover that it’s been turned into a bike lane. North Collins Boulevard is the newest part of a more bike friendly Richardson.

North Collins Bike Lane - Renner Entrance

Entrance From The Renner Road Trail

North Collins Bike Lane Rider

Rider Taking Advantage Of The New Lane

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very far. Running from the north end of Collins, at Renner Road, the lane goes south until you pass Palisades Creek Drive. From there, it ends and and you get a “Share The Road” sign. According to the Richardson Bike Plan, it is supposed to continue all the way to Campbell Road. We’re not sure why it ends short of that goal or if there are plans to complete it.

Bike Lane Ends

Bike Lane Ends

Share The Road

Share The Road From Here

Click here to see a map of completed Richardson bike lanes.

In our opinion, the entire length of Collins Road needs to go on a diet. We wouldn’t mind seeing either bike lanes or sharrows all the way to Garland, on the far east side of Richardson. The Richardson Bike Plan has this route (just south of Campbell Road, all the way to Jupiter Road, where Garland begins) marked as a “signed route”. Although the signs will be nice, we feel that there is missed opportunity to create a more centralized, bike friendly route through the entire length of town, from the east end all the way to the west side (via Melrose Drive).

UPDATE: Video on Suburban Assault.