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Come Down For The Owens Trail Celebration

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on April 17, 2014


Oncor is just about finished with the Owens Trail beautification project and would like to invite you to their celebration.

From Oncor:

We are looking to get the word out about the celebration to be held on Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m. to noon that marks the end of the Owens Trail beautification project. There will be free, springtime family-friendly activities centered around the trail and the Oncor Texas Trails project.

As part of the promotion next week, we will be posting an invitation on our newsroom website,, and similar messages to our social media networks.

We would love for all neighbors and members of the community to come out and join us!

We are grateful that Oncor has chosen on of our trails as the first in this beautification project, and we hope to see it become available on more of their right-of-ways.

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Landscaping Improvements Are Coming To A Section Of Owens Trail

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on February 16, 2014

Bike Trails

Here is some great news from this week’s Week In Review newsletter from the City of Richardson:

Council Awards Bid for Oncor Signature Trails Landscape Project


Landscaping improvements are coming to a section of Owens Trail south of Collins Boulevard as part of Oncor’s Texas Trails Program. Oncor, North Texas’ regulated electric transmission and distribution service provider, is providing $250,000 for the project, which will be maintained by the City.

The section of Owens Trail being improved winds past Oncor transmission towers and lies within Oncor’s right of way. The improvements to the Owens Trail are designed to serve as an example of how Oncor can work with community partners to create landscaped trails that do not interfere with transmission lines.

Construction is expected to begin this month and wrap up in April.

On a personal note, this is good news for me. It happens to be in my neighborhood and on one of my usual routes. I can’t wait to see the completed improvements.

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Oncor Transforms Rights-Of-Way In Richardson

Posted in Bike Change, Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on April 28, 2011

Riding with my daughter

Several folks have been sending us information about Oncor and their efforts to improve north Texas cities through the creation of hike and bike trails through their transmission rights-of-way. As reported through Pegasus News, the Oncor Texas Trails SM program will produce trails that “will help create pathways that will be integral parts of the communities Oncor serves.”

What does that mean for Richardson since we already have hike and bike trails on Oncor rights-of-way throughout town?  Here’s a bit from the Oncor press release:

Oncor has engaged la terra studio, inc., a Dallas-based landscape architectural firm, to assist with developing the design templates for the Oncor Texas Trails projects. In addition, la terra studio will assist with work on the inaugural Oncor Texas Trails project, a hike and bike trail in Richardson. In the coming months, Oncor will work with the City of Richardson to design and complete the landscaping on a portion of Owen’s Trail, an existing trail on a section of Oncor’s transmission right-of-way. As part of the planning, Oncor will work with the City of Richardson to determine how Oncor employees will be able to volunteer their time to be part of this project.

“The Richardson Trail will be the first of many trails that Oncor and its employees will work on to help create a destination for our customers to gather with their friends and family, “said Jackson.

“Oncor has always been an important partner in our community, and its Oncor Texas Trails program will be a very welcome enhancement to our city and our trail system,” said Richardson Mayor Gary Slagel. “We have done a lot of work recently in partnering with local companies and volunteers to create the type of environmental improvements the Oncor Texas Trails program will bring, and we are especially excited to see these improvements focus on the highly used paths which many of our residents enjoy on a daily basis.”

Click here to read the entire press release.

On a personal level, this is great news for me since the Owen’s Trail runs through my neighborhood. I’m also hoping more folks will see these trails as destinations to gather – and not just pass through (and hopefully clean up after their dogs).


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What Is Wrong With People?

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes by dickdavid on January 23, 2011

Vandalism on the Greenbelt

I saw this on the Owens trail passing through the Yale Park neighborhood. Looks like somebody had some fun doing some doughnuts on the greenbelt around the trail. It’s sad to see when public space, used to make our city better, gets vandalized like this. I hope nobody was riding or walking on this trail when this happened.

On a side note, I saw about 8 piles of dog crap between my bike and where I shot this. If you walk your dogs along the trail, please pick up after them and keep this space nice for everybody.

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