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They’re Closing The Gap Between Preston Ridge Trail and Cottonwood Trail

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on September 11, 2011

Blue Is The Preston Ridge Trail. Green Is The Cottonwood Trail.

If you’ve ever tried to ride the Preston Ridge Trail from Richardson, Plano or even north Dallas into downtown Dallas, you might of found it a bit difficult. Sure it’s a good trail that leads towards downtown, but it falls short on Coit Road, between Belt Line Road and Spring Valley Road. The closest connections into town would be either the White Rock Creek Trail which begins at LBJ Freeway, just east of Hillcrest Road – or the Cottonwood Trail, which doesn’t begin until you go east on Spring Valley and south on Maham Road. Both routes would require you to leave the multi-purpose Preston Ridge Trail and navigate either streets or sidewalks to reconnect with the other trails. Easy for some, but not for less experienced riders.

It looks like that’s about to change. We got a tip from a BFR friend that there is a new multi-purpose trail (which is part of the Cottonwood Trail) being constructed that will run along the east side of Coit Road, then along the north side of Spring Valley Road which will make the connection between the Preston Ridge Trail and the Cottonwood Trail. Great news for folks who don’t want to ride on the busy streets of Coit Road or Spring Valley Road.

It’s not a perfect solution. What qualifies this as a multi-purpose trail instead of a sidewalk? In this case, not much. Unlike other multi-purpose trails that run along the utility right-of-ways (like the Preston Ridge Trail), there isn’t much real estate to work with. Some would even think that this is no more than just a really wide sidewalk. They did the best they could with the limitations at hand. For that, we’re grateful.

We feel the best way to help differentiate this as a multi-purpose trail is to put a divider stripe down the center. This will indicate that it’s used for more than just a sidewalk. Also, put up signage to let people know what the intent for this trail is.

Click here or on the map above to get a closer look at the new connection. Below are some pics of how it looks so far.

View Up Coit Road

Multi-Purpose Trail Heading North On Coit Road

Narrow Trail

Narrow Section At The Corner Of Spring Valley and Coit

View Heading Down Spring Valley

Multi-Purpose Trail Heading West On Spring Valley Road

Narrow Trail

Narrow Section Heading West On Spring Valley Road

Spring Valley Crossing At Maham Road

Spring Valley Crossing At Maham Road (facing south)

View Heading Down Maham Road

Multi-Purpose Trail Heading South On Maham Road

Construction Gap

Construction Gap Where It Connects With The Existing Cottonwood Trail

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Way To Go, Plano!

Posted in Bike Change by dickdavid on August 4, 2011
PGB - Ohio Drive Underpass

Ohio Drive Under The PGB Tollway

Here’s some great news from our neighbors in Plano. Bike Friendly Richardson friend Howard M, posted this on the BFR Facebook page.

Fwd: City of Plano City Council to approve On-street Bicycle Signage project 8/8 7 PM

From: “Renee Jordan”
Date: August 2, 2011 2:37:09 PM CDT
To: Plano Cyclists
Subject: City of Plano City Council to approve On-street Bicycle Signage project 8/8 7 PM


I wanted to let you know that on Monday 8/8 our City Council has on its agenda 2 items that might be of interest to you.

1.) Bid No. 2011-194-B for the Citywide On-street Bicycle Route Signage, Project No. 5858

This is a project to install bicycle route signage along 168 miles of roadway in the City of Plano.

2.) To approve an Engineering Services Agreement by and between the City of Plano and BW2 Engineers, Inc. for the design of the Preston Ridge Trail connection.

This is a project to place trail in the right of way of Ohio Drive from the Bush Tollway north to Tradition Trail making an off road connection to Preston Ridge Trail in Dallas at the Tollway.

On the close of business Thursday, the City Council meeting agenda will be posted here:

Additionally, the City of Plano has launched a new program called Fix It Plano. It is a tool to report problems such as pot holes. Problems can be reported by phoning in, texting in, using the web portal or a smartphone. Here is a link:​spx

Please share with your contacts. Thanks!

Renée Burke Jordan, AICP
Plano Parks & Recreation
Trail System Planner

This is GREAT NEWS for those of us who use the Preston Ridge Trail or ride through Plano. The missing link under the PGB Tollway (between Dallas and Plano) is probably one of the biggest misses in the north Dallas trail system. Making this connection will get cyclist closer to a complete multi-purpose trail that will run from North Plano (almost Frisco) all the way into Dallas.

There is still a trail gap at Tradition Trail, but it’s all side streets from there to Plano’s Preston Ridge Trail (to the north). There’s also a gap at the southern end of Dallas’ Preston Ridge Trail, where it doesn’t quite connect with the Cottonwood Trail.

The signage will be a nice plus as well. Hopefully, they will remind drivers to share the road with cyclists.

PGB - Ohio Drive Underpass

Start Of A Multi-Purpose Trail Under The PGB. Looks like the tollway planners took into account a need for a MPT. Now it's just a matter of continuing it up Ohio Drive.

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