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NEW BIKE LANES: Duck Creek Neighborhood

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on December 12, 2010
Wider Bike Lane With Parking - Apollo East Side

East Half Of Apollo Road

Richardson is on a roll with putting up new bike lanes. This newest set is in the Duck Creek neighborhood on the east side of Richardson (between Plano Road and Jupiter Road, Arapaho Road and Belt Line Road). The streets updated are Yale Boulevard and Apollo Road.

These new bike lanes tie in nicely with the Duck Creek Trail, including the new addition that leads to the updated Huffhines Park and rec center. This is great news, since these lanes weren’t on the last round of the Richardson Bicycle Route Plan – which gives me hope for my neighborhood.

Bike Lane - Yale North

North Half Of Yale Bouldevard

Some of these new bike lanes (all of Yale Boulevard and the west half of Apollo Road) are similar to the new bike lanes on north Collins, which are NOT marked for shared car parking. However, the lanes in Duck Creek aren’t as wide. The bike lanes on the east half of Apollo are like many other bike lanes in Richardson which ARE marked for shared parking.

Bicycles and Parking ONLY - Apollo East Side

Shared Parking And Bike Lane

We hope these narrower lanes will have the same traffic-calming effect as the wider ones. We’re grateful to have them because, if anything, they help increase awareness of cyclists in our neighborhoods and streets.

Bike Lane Ends - Apollo West Side

Apollo Bike Lane Ends At Plano Road

Click here to see a map of completed Richardson bike lanes.

UPDATE: Check out some videos on Suburban Assault.