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New Bike Lanes On Waterview Drive

Posted in Bike Change, Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on July 24, 2010

Based on the Richardson Bike Route Plan (downloadable pdf), we were expecting this. It’s still a nice surprise to see them actually getting done. If you happen to go down Waterview Drive between Arapaho and Belt Line, you’ll see one less lane for driving (each direction) and a new one dedicated for bikes (and parking). These bike lanes are expected to stretch from Campbell, all the way south to Spring Valley. Way to go, Richardson.

Even if you have mixed feelings about having bike lanes, you’ve got to remember that these serve more than just creating safer routes for bicyclists, they also serve as a way to slow down traffic through Richardson neighborhoods.

You can also read about other Richardson bike lanes here and here.

We will keep you posted as we discover more bike friendly routes around town.

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  1. […] I posted on BFR, we have some new bike lanes in Richardson. I didn’t get a chance to ride one of them (south […]

  2. Adam said, on July 26, 2010 at 7:57 am

    Great to see. I’ve said this to the City before, but I still think they should continue the Custer bikelanes south of Campbell all the way to Arapaho. This would give people a safer route to ride to the library and City Hall from the Canyon Creek and Northrich neighborhoods. It would also slow down traffic in front of Northrich Elementary.

    Think about it…the only 4-lane piece of Custer Road is between Arapaho and Campbell. North and south of that is 2-lane.

  3. […] Up – The Waterview Bike Lane Is Finished We reported a couple of weeks ago about the newest bike lane in Richardson, but it wasn’t finished […]

  4. […] the lanes in Duck Creek aren’t as wide. The bike lanes on the east half of Apollo are like many other bike lanes in Richardson which ARE marked for shared parking. Shared Parking And Bike […]

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