Bike Friendly Richardson


Coming soon.

This page will be a resource of maps that will show some of the safest routes and best bike destinations in Richardson, and hopefully, our neighboring towns.

Until then, are several maps provided by the City of Richardson:

NEW: City of Richardson Trail System page.

Here is an interactive map of the Richardson Trail Network:

City Of Richardson Interactive Trail Map

Here is the latest Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail-Ways Plan:

Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail-Ways Plan


BIKE LANES (Click Here to see a map of all the completed bike lanes):

Grove and Custer:
Full Bike Lanes – Grove Road – Via Suburban Assault – 09/07/2009
Richardson, Texas Bike Lanes – Via Suburban Assault -09/10/2009

New Bike Lanes On Waterview Drive – 07/24/2010
Heads Up – The Waterview Bike Lane Is Finished – 08/06/2010

North Collins:
New Bike Lanes – North Collins – 12/04/2010

Duck Creek Neighborhood:
NEW BIKE LANES: Duck Creek Neighborhood – 12/12/2010

Canyon Creek:
New Bike Lanes On Canyon Creek Drive – 08/12/2012


Glenville Trail:
Glenville Trail construction – 03/14/2010
Another Trail Under Construction – 06/27/2010
South Glenville Trail Almost Complete – 08/08/2010
Glenville Trail Bridge Complete – 09/12/2010
Glenville Trail Officially Open – 04/29/2011

Spring Creek Trail – Including Under Central and Under Renner Road Connections:
Trail Construction – 03/11/2010
Under Construction-Two Bike Trails Under Central Expressway
– 04/03/2010
More Trail Construction Pics – 05/08/2010
Trail Construction Moving Forward Nicely – 06/13/2010
Trail Construction Update Pics – 07/25/2010
More Trail Progress – 08/21/2010
New Guard Rail – 08/28/2010
More Trail Progress – Towards The Central Underpass – 09/26/2010
Central Underpass – Progress On The West Side – 11/28/2010
More Trail Progress – Retaining Walls Under US75 – 12/05/2010
Trail Under Central Progress – More Gabion Walls – 02/13/2011
Trail Under Central Progress – West Side Ramp – 03/06/2011
Spring Creek Trail: North Of Renner Road – A Progress Report – 04/02/2011
Trail Under Central – Serious Progress – 04/17/2011
Took A Ride Under Central Expressway Today – 04/23/2011
Updates To The Central Expressway and Renner Road Underpasses – 05/09/2011
Spring Creek Trail – Central and Renner Road Underpass Updates – 06/11/2011
Trail Under Renner Road – Progress – 07/28/14
More Renner Road Underpass Progress – 08/14/2011
Renner Road Underpass – Retaining Wall Progress – 08/27/2011
Major Progress With The Trail Under Renner Road – 09/18/2011
Trail Under Renner Progress – Forms Are Up, Cement Is Being Poured – 10/03/2011
Trail Under Renner Road Is Complete – 10/08/2011

Cottonwood Creek Trail (Dallas connection):
Pics From Today’s Trail Dedication – 06/03/2010
Suburban Assault Takes On The “Low Five” – 06/06/2010
Cottonwood Creek Trail Complete – But Not Open – 04/09/2011

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  1. Kevin Cameron said, on December 30, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I live and ride in Richardson. I moved to Richardson because of its location and excellent cycling infrastructure. I sure hope more roads can get cycling lanes like the recent ‘bike lane’ on custer thru canyon creek area.

  2. Mr Christopher said, on January 7, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

  3. […] and do a casual lap through town. The route will let you experience different parts of the Richardson Bike Plan, including neighborhood streets, hike and bike trails and some of the new bike lanes. Check back […]

  4. […] and do a casual lap through town. The route will let you experience different parts of the Richardson Bike Plan, including neighborhood streets, hike and bike trails and some of the new bike lanes. Check back […]

  5. […] writers with different perspectives about riding in Richardson. – Take a closer look at the great Richardson Bike Plan – to see if there is room for improvement – from a rider’s perspective. – Discuss […]

  6. […] projects are in the Richardson Bike Plan, but you never know when they’ll pop up. It’s always a nice surprise when you take a […]

  7. […] Park and rec center. This is great news, since these lanes weren’t on the last round of the Richardson Bicycle Route Plan – which gives me hope for my neighborhood. North Half Of Yale […]

  8. […] as well as the proposed and completed lanes on Collins. We’ll keep a link to this map on our Maps […]

  9. […] east and west Richardson. Once it connects to Alma Road, it just stops. Well, according to the Richardson Bicycle-Pedestrian  Trailways Plan, it will eventually continue along the PGB Tollway as well as the planned Cottenbelt […]

  10. […] see more posts about this and other Spring Creek Trail upgrades, click over to the Maps section of this site. Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed […]

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