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Trail Rules and Guidelines Proposed

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on March 17, 2012

M takes the lead.

From the City of Richardson’s weekly newsletter:

The City Council is considering rules and guidelines that would improve safety on Richardson’s growing network of trails. 

The proposed rules are similar to those in effect for City parks. They include prohibiting motorized vehicles on trails, requiring pets to be on a short leash, requiring users to travel at a safe speed and requiring bicyclists to yield to pedestrians. 

Suggested guidelines for trail courtesy and safety include passing slower users on the left, keeping to the right side of the trail, listening for other trail users who may be approaching, yielding when entering or crossing trails and wearing a properly fitting bicycle helmet. 

Once in effect, rules and guidelines will be posted on the City’s trails web page, included on printed trail maps and displayed on signage which will be installed along the trails. 

There are more than 30 miles of trails in Richardson, and more than 18 miles of additional multi-use trails are planned. 

Click the link below to watch Monday’s City Council discussion:

This is a great move for safety on our trails. Even though this is still under consideration by the City Council, trail courtesy should already be practiced by cyclists.

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