Goals Of Bike Friendly Richardson

Just had a few things in my head and wanted to put them down before I forgot. Here are my initial goals for Bike Friendly Richardson:

1) Follow in the parameters of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff to be a group of bicycle advocates promoting the creation of better cycling facilities and improved infrastructure in Richardson. Our focus is on the average commuter, and those wanting to ride for transportation and pleasure over sport.

2) Promote bicycle safety and inform riders about steps they can take to safely ride around town.

3) To generate detailed information of routes and maps to safely ride around town.

4) To give Richardson retailers an opportunity to support bicycle advocacy by becoming partners.

5) Eventually, develop bike friendly events (destinations) to bring the local cycling community together.

6) Eventually, develop a system of group rides that adhere to local and state laws and give cyclists an opportunity to safely promote cycling advocacy in Richardson.

More to come.