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Spring Creek Trail – Central and Renner Road Underpass Updates

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on June 11, 2011

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been on the Spring Creek Trail, so we thought we would share some updates.

Central Underpass (south of Renner Road)
Let’s start with the – almost complete – Central Expressway (US75) underpass, the one located just south of Renner Road. The last time we checked, all of the cement was poured except the small bit that connected it to the existing trail on the west side. We got an email on May 28th from BFR friend, Dennis, informing us that it was finally poured. Here’s a shot of that:

Gap Finished

West Side Connection To Existing Trail.

Some of the other improvements to this portion of the trail are new guard rails and painted retaining walls. These are the types of details that will make our trail system a nice place to travel – safe and visually pleasing. We’re glad the city has taken the steps to make these routes more than just utility.

Finishing Touches With Paint

Painted Retaining Walls and New Guard Rails

Guard Rails Are Up

New Guard Rails

Renner Road Underpass
The third and last holdout to the completion of the Spring Creek Trail underpass project is the section under Renner Road. This passage will be necessary to access the other Central Underpass, just north of Renner Road. Although behind schedule, quite a bit of progress has been made in the past couple of months. Now it looks like they’ve got a good start on a massive retaining wall.

Under Renner Road

Retaining Wall Construction Under Renner Road

Retaining Wall Construction - Under Renner Road

Retaining Wall Construction Under Renner Road

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