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Bicycle Point Of View Takes A Look At Richardson

Posted in Bike Friendly, Rider Perspective by dickdavid on May 26, 2012

Image © Bicycle Point Of View. Please Visit Their Site.

We all know how awesome Richardson is to ride. What’s really nice is when you get unsolicited praise from somebody who doesn’t live here. The folks over at the blog Bicycle Point Of View did just that. My favorite quote from them:

I will have to continue reporting on Richardson as time allows, although I can truly say that this city is already becoming one of the safest and most bike friendliest city for cyclists in Texas and among other states as well.

Click here to read their post about Richardson.

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Slow Down!

Posted in Advocacy, Bike Education, Rider Perspective by dickdavid on August 7, 2011

Slow Down!

A few weeks ago, I made an observation about the new guard rails, along Arapaho Road in Garland. Through not very attractive, it was agreed that their functionality was much more important than their aesthetics. The rails were built to serve as a safety barrier for the adjacent homes, from the speeding traffic. This morning, I made a discovery that illustrates the importance of that functionality.

If you look closely at the top left of this shot, you can see that new guard rail. Unfortunately for this sign, that guard rail falls a bit short. Also, even though I had no way of gauging their speed, those cars were speeding by as I took this shot.

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Melted Ice

Posted in BFR Misc, Rider Perspective by dickdavid on July 30, 2011

Melted Ice, originally uploaded by dickdavid.

I was joking at the office about my 100+ degree commute home. As I was filling this ice, I claimed that it would be melted within a couple of miles. Turns out it wasn’t such a joke.Quite honestly, I don’t mind the heat. Once you’re in it, it isn’t so bad. I figure, this is Texas – I can either hide from the heat or embrace it. Anybody else ride in the heat?

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Richardson Rider Commutes To Work

Posted in BFR Misc, Rider Perspective by dickdavid on September 30, 2010

Image From Suburban Shift

I love reading stories about Richardson folks commuting to work. It’s good to know that the bike friendly efforts of our city are being utilized by its residents.

Bob, a guest writer for BFR, has an amazing blog about sustainability while living in the suburbs called Suburban Shift.

Suburban Shift covers stuff like organic gardening, bike commuting, home energy efficiency, alternative transportation, alternative energy, minimalism, simplicity, recycling and personal finance. It inspires me to become more responsible with my life and the world I live in – even from my little corner.

Today, Bob wrote about returning to his bike commute routine. Here’s a snippet from his post that made me smile:

That’s right folks. North Dallas Suburbs are making bicycle progress, and I’m tremendously proud that my town of Richardson is really leading the way. The bike trail system in Richardson will be one of the city’s nicest and most useful amentities. Read more.

As you can see, Bob is also a big fan of what’s going on with Richardson biking. We love the city’s momentum and want to see it continue – making Richardson a truly bike friendly city.

If you have a bike commute story to tell, please contact us at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you and share it with other riders.