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Trail Construction Moving Forward Nicely

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on June 13, 2010

If you are following along as we track the construction of the newest hike and bike trails in Richardson, we’ve got some new pics for you. If you haven’t been following along with our coverage of Spring Creek Park, you can click on these links to catch up:

Under Construction-Two Bike Trails Under Central Expressway

More Trail Construction Pics

The paths and retaining walls are coming along nicely. Unfortunately, with all that’s involved with construction along the creeks, the underpasses don’t appear to be very far along. However, I’m sure there’s more finished than what is visible.


Start Of Trail Construction Coming Out Of Spring Creek Park

New Retaining Wall (shot facing south along the east side of Central)

More Retaining Wall (Shot facing north along the east side of Central)

Still not much progress under Central Expressway

Not much progress under Renner Road either

Trail north of Renner Road coming along nicely

Under Construction-Two Bike Trails Under Central Expressway

Posted in Bike Trails and Routes, City Stuff by dickdavid on April 3, 2010

You may have heard (or at least seen in the City Of Richardson’s Master Bike Route Plan pdf) that Richardson is planning a route under Central Expressway (US-75) that will connect Spring Creek Trail (on the east side) to the trail on Renner (on the west side). This route will go under Central at the creek between Renner and Glenville. This is a much needed addition to the Richardson trail system giving pedestrians and riders a safe passage to either side of the highway.

I had noticed that construction has begun, so I stopped by the site to take some pics to share. Please refer to the map at the bottom of this post to see exactly where each pic was taken.

PIC - A (taken on the east side, south of the creek)

PIC - B (taken on the east side, facing west)

PIC - C (taken on the east side, facing west)

PIC - D (taken from the west side, facing east)

ALSO, while I was going around taking these pics, I had noticed another section to the Richardson trail system was under construction. Starting at the end of the Spring Creek Trail (at the southeast corner of Renner and Central) there is new construction for a trail that heads north, under Renner and hooks west towards Central Expressway. After the trail hooks west, it goes under a different part of Central Expressway (between Renner and the PGB Tollway). With some investigation I discovered that it was the connecting route to the trail that Bob discussed in this post. This will be a nice trail connection to Plano and their network of trails.

I took some pics. Again, please refer to the map below to see where the shots were taken.


PIC - F (taken from Renner, facing north)

PIC - G (taken from the west side, facing east)

PIC - H (taken from the west side, facing west)

Here is the map. Please click on it to enlarge.

Trail Construction

Posted in City Stuff by bibliosk8er on March 11, 2010
Trail construction

The beginning of the extention of the Spring Creek Trail. This pic is taken looking east, a few feet north (I think it was on the north side!) of the railroad track, off of Alma, right before you get to Bush Tollway. Click for full sized image.

 Hi folks. Bob here. On my  ride to work this morning I noticed some construction off of Alma, right before you pass under the Bush Tollway (heading north into Plano). Stopped and snapped a pic, and confirmed with one of the friendly construction guys that it is indeed a “hike and bike trail”. It is the extention, as it turns out, of the Spring Creek trail (see the Richardson Trail-Way Master Plan), which will eventually hook up to the Cotton Belt trail. 

It’s all coming together, folks. They are apparently working on the new Glenville trail too, which I’m going to go hunting for tonight. Write the city council, and thank them for their support of cycling in Richardson, and give big props to the folks at Parks & Rec who are running this thing. We are going to be the Portland of DFW (minus all the other cool stuff up there, but with the addition of extreme heat in the summers and affordable housing). 

Red dot shows location of the photo shown above. Click for full-sized image.